Below are some of the skills I've developed throughout my career ranging across front-end, back-end and DevOps.

  • Front-end


    The main focus of my career has been in front-end development, with SPA libraries and technologies being my "bread-and-butter". Technologies such as React and Gatsby are what I spend most of my days in, alongside popular JS libraries such as Redux, TailwindCSS and many others.

    My programming language of choice is TypeScript, due to it's type safety and deep integration with React.

  • Back-end


    When working on back-end frameworks, I typically prefer .NET Core, due to it's familiarity and widespread use across the industry. Recently I've been using more Node.js API endpoints in the form of Azure Functions, allowing me to maintain type definitions between several projects.

  • DevOps


    I also have experience setting up deployment pipelines and configuring Azure resources. One of the main projects using these technologies is my hobbyist app, which is a fully serverless application built on Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and the Azure Management API.

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