Below you'll find a few of the various projects I've worked on in my spare time. You can find all my public projects on myGitHubpage.

  • Vocalia

    Vocalia is a web-based podcasting platform, which allowed the user to listen and create podcasts within the same ecosystem. The project was built over several months as part of my final year project at university, developed using WebRTC standards and a deep focus into PWA capabilities such as mobile media-player integration.

  • AYDev | Finance

    AYDev | Finance is a web-based financial management app. It provides overview and historical analysis of purchases, supports recurring payments and offline functionality as a Progressive Web App. The site is built using React, with Redux and redux-thunk middleware providing offline storage and backup functionality.

  • Hobbyist.

    Hobbyist is a social media designed to connect you to people with similar interests. It promotes sharing of user's creations, and building communities between like-minded individuals. The site was built with a React/TailwindCSS front-end, with a serverless back-end built using Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and Azure API Management. Authentication is provided by Auth0, with payment support integrated with Stripe.

Illustration of man working on a laptop in a tent