Adam Young

/ˈædəm jʌŋ/


A front-end software engineer, passionate about creating engaging web experiences in React, Gatsby and Next.js. Currently working at

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About Me
A covered-up self portrait of me, taking a picture with a DSLR in a mirror
Paul Oliver

Paul Oliver

Technical Manager, DuPont Teijin Films

Adam worked for me for 13 months as an industrial placement student. He joined a team of mechanical and chemical engineers as the sole programmer. During his placement he completed a total of 16 technical objectives ranging from WPF-based programming to database consolidation and building custom PCs. I found Adam to be very level-headed and professional in his approach to projects; even when under pressure.

The most difficult part of managing Adam was providing him with a steady stream of work, as he always completed tasks much quicker than I anticipated! His empathy for the end user and his willingness to gain a full understanding of how systems would be used, allowed him to produce some of the best work I have seen in my four years of working with Teesside University.

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